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We are the Clay family. My father, Eldon Clay, started in this business back in 1974. Eldon, along with my mother, Lucille, and their four sons, all worked in the business throughtout the years. When Eldon's health failed, being his youngest son, I and my wife, Kelley, bought the business to keep it in the family.


Eldon had been a farmer almost all of his 83 years and also ran the business since 1974. His philosophy was an old-fashioned one. Make a product of the best quality and craftsmanship then sell it at a very affordable price. He never planned on making his riches from the business. He enjoyed the work and meeting some of the students and Doctors. He always thought that the students already started out their career in such a financially-challenged state, that he didn't think it was right to add to their burden. We can proudly say that from students, doctors and educational institutions alike, we come highly recommended due to the longevity of our products. Our tables have that good of a reputation of lasting for years. We do have many 'generational' repeat customers. Parents who have their own table, do not want to give up their tables to their children, so they send them to us. We have many institutions and even a couple of professional football teams (i.e., San Francisco 49'ers & the University of Northern Texas, who used some of our tables with the Dallas Cowboys) use our tables and have repeatedly ordered from us over the years. That says a lot. We look forward to helping you with any table need.


Myself, along with Kelley and our two children, Chelsey and Jared, work as a team to continue my Dad's philosophy. We have made that our mission. My Dad, Eldon Clay, was a very big influence on my building career, since I started in 1982. He passed on a lot of knowledge to me. Everything that comes from our door to your door has been hand crafted to your exact specifications. Dad had built tables from 1974 until his death, Sept. 2, 2005. My goal is to keep the great legacy and the true craftsmanship going.                                                                                                                                                                                              Terry & Kelley Clay




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